the World of the Norse - An Annotated Bibliography

This list of books was specifically created to accompany the Teacher's Guide to the Norse (in 1993). This selection includes both popular and scholarly works. Those marked with an asterisk may prove most useful in a classroom setting.

Bertil Almgren, 'The Viking' *
Crescent Books, 1975

A complete treatment of the subject. Features line drawings by Ake Gustavsson that are so clear and accurate that they can serve as construction blueprints. Line drawings, artifact photographs, 287 p.

James Graham-Campbell, ' The Viking World' *
Ticknor & Fields 1980

One of the best overall books, detailed sections on ship building, craft techniques and art styles. Maps, clear illustrations, artifact photographs, 220 p.

James Graham-Campbell and Dafydd Kidd, 'The Vikings' *
William Morrow & Co., 1980

Published in conjunction with a major exhibit mounted by the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Good survey of the subject with excellent photographs. Although there is a complete artifact catalogue from the exhibit, the listings are not linked to the photographs. Artifact photographs, 200 p.

Bill Fitzhugh & Elisabeth Ward, 'Vikings - the North Atlantic Saga'
Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000

The companion catalogue to the exhibit. The contents are a series of short articles by specialists in individual areas reflecting the current research. Many artifact images, but not well linked to the actual exhibit contents. Illustrations, many photographs, maps, artifact listings, extensive references, 432p.

Peter Foote & David Wilson, 'The Viking Achievement'
Sidgwick & Jackson, 1970

A complete study of Norse culture and society. illustrations, some photographs (B&W), maps, extensive bibliography, 481p.

Richard Hall, 'The Viking Dig' *
The Bodley Head, 1984

A popularised report on the excavation of the Coppergate site at York. Extensive collection of scaled artifact photographs and drawings, mostly of 'everyday' objects. Clear illustrations, artifact photographs, 158 p.

Gwyn Jones, 'The History of the Vikings'
Oxford Press, 1968

Although this volume does not include recent discoveries, it remains a classic work on the Norse. Covers political history as well as cultural and artifact information. Illustrations, some photographs (B&W), maps.

Terry Jones, 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' *
Pavilion Books, 1983

This is a marvelous story book for children of all ages. Although the stories are new, they are true to the flavour of the original saga tales. Each chapter is in the form of a separate tale, about four pages long, which mesh together to tell the adventures of Erik and his crew as they explore the mythical western ocean. Illustrations, 144 p.

Ole Klindt-Jensen & David Wilson, 'Viking Art'
University of Minnesota Press, 1966

A critical evaluation of Norse decorative styles and their development. illustrations, artifact photographs (B&W), bibliography, 173 p.

Magnus Magnusson, 'The Hammer of the North' *
Orbis Publishing, 1976

An excellent commentary on the religion of the Norse, and how it related to their 'world view'. Photographs are clear and large scale, but often give no clue as to the actual size of the artifact. Artifact photographs, 128 p.

Magnus Magnusson, 'The Vinland Sagas - The Norse Discovery of America'
Penguin, 1965

A translation with commentary on the sources of the Graenlendinga and Eirik's Saga. 124 p.

Magnus Magnusson, 'Viking Expansion Westward'
Henry Walck Inc., 1973

A description of the Norse westward colonisation process, with a summary of the archeological evidence that supports it. illustrations, artifact photographs, 152 p.

Farley Mowat, 'West Viking'
McClellland & Stewart, 1965

An interpretation of the Saga evidence based on geography, a bit dated. Maps, 492 p.

Else Roseadahl and David Wilson (editors), 'From Viking to Crusader'
Bohuslaningens Boktryckeri 1992

The latest research presented in a popularised form, as well as a detailed catalogue from an extensive exhibition. (If you had only one book, this is the one to have - although it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find!) Illustrations, artifact photographs, extensive bibliography, 430 p.

Else Roseadahl, 'The Vikings'
Penguin, 1987

A complete overview of the Norse, including the latest information from current excavations. Illustrations, some artifact photographs (B&W), maps, excellent bibliography, 323 p.

Jacqueline Simpson, 'Everyday Life in the Viking Age'
Dorset Press, 1967

A good overall summary of the subject, a bit dated. Illustrations, some artifact photographs (B&W), 208 p.

Brigitta Linderoth Wallace, 'Westward Vikings' *
Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2006

The single best overview of the archaeology of Vinland and L'Anse aux Meadows. What was found, what it means, and how it fits into a wider picture of the life of the Norse at the turn of the first millennium. All by someone who has spent a lifetime working on the site. Artifact images, Illustrations, many previously unpublished photographs, 127 p.

This handout was originally produced for the use of teachers as a resource for use in Viking Age / Early Medieval studies. It is offered here free of charge, and may be reproduced for educational use only, as a service by the Wareham Forge. Any other reproduction, by any means, is allowed only with the specific permission of the author. Researched and written by Darrell Markewitz (versions 1993, 1996,1998, 2000, 2010).

Educational Multi-Media created by Darrell Markewitz

This disk is a collection of materials related to an ongoing experiments by the Dark Ages Re-creation Company concerned with Iron in the Viking Age. It includes the primary documentation of a series of smelts using elements of the technology available in Scandinavia circa 1000 AD. There are also a series of illustrated articles outlining the work and equipment of the Norse Blacksmith, plus others related metalworking and smelting.The collection contains over 2000 images, most of them large scale (20 x 14). It also contains a number of working drawings and plans.

This CD-ROM has been created to operate CROSS PLATFORM. It is formatted to allow it to function on either MAC or IBM/PC computers. The content has been created as HTML - it is designed to operate inside your normal web browser (either NETSCAPE or EXPLORER).

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FORGING the Viking Age

This 2 1/2 hour DVD program documents the creation of a number of the forged metal objects created for the 1997 'Viking Encampment' Program at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC for Parks Canada. The program contains commentary on objects from the Viking Age, details on how the pieces were produced and forging sequences.

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Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark

ISBN 978-0-9783284

Of special interest to anyone interested in the the Viking Age, or is thinking of traveling to Denmark.

This DATA DVD disk contains over 400 large format images (most 1600 X 1200 dpi), each with notes. The publication also contains many commentaries on both the individual museums, but also travel around Denmark in general. The overall stress is on materials related to the Viking Age. Inside your computer, the contents are arranged like a giant self contained web site - some 1.7 gig of information all told! In a table top DVD player, you can view just the images in extra large size as a 'slide show'.

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Multi-Platform DATA DVD format

Text and photography, Darrell Markewitz