the Norse Encampment
Living History for the Viking Age

The 'Norse Encampment' is the collective name given to a series of living history programs, which illustrate daily life in the Viking Age. Historic interpreters, employing replica objects, bring the past to life through typical activities of the Norse, and portraying historic styled characters. Throughout the series exceptional care was taken to ensure everything involved in a presentation was reflective of current archaeological research. One cornerstone of all the presentations was reference to the Vinland voyages by the Norse, circa 1000 AD.

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Artifacts and Replicas

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Interpreting the Viking Age

Experimental Iron Smelting

Dark Ages Re-creation Company

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Artifact and Production Drawings

The set of images linked below are all 8x11 line drawings. These were used as the 'blueprints' for the creation of various objects used in the Norse Encampment (from1993 - 1997). Also included are a set of plans for creation of a Norse 'A' frame tent suitable for use by re-enactors.

Sea Chest - from Oseberg
Simple Bed - from Oseberg

Metalworking Tools - from Mastermyr
Iron Objects - spears, cooking irons (various sources)
Long Sea Chest - from Mastermyr

Small Cook Pot - from Mastermyr
Woodworking Tools - from Mastermyr
'A' Frame Tent - based on Oseberg (frame and cover)

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