the Norse Encampment
Living History for the Viking Age

The 'Norse Encampment' is the collective name given to a series of living history programs, which illustrate daily life in the Viking Age. Historic interpreters, employing replica objects, bring the past to life through typical activities of the Norse, and portraying historic styled characters. Throughout the series exceptional care was taken to ensure everything involved in a presentation was reflective of current archaeological research. One cornerstone of all the presentations was reference to the Vinland voyages by the Norse, circa 1000 AD.

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Bringing the Viking Age to Life
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Physical Demonstations

There are a growing number of short videos available which document primarily two aspects of the ongoing work related to the Norse Encampment program:
The series listed here are demonstrations of physical techniques, primarily related to the production of various replica and reproduction objects used in the program.

Both these and other videos are published on this YouTube Channel.
Onless otherwise noted, the primary demonstrator is Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge.
Most recent contributions to the top.

Forging a Viking Age COOKING POT
This video shows the process of hot working a circle of steel to create the bowl for the base of a replica 'iron' cauldron. (November 2010)

Norse / Icleandic Loom - Working Birch Logs

First steps in the construction of a Viking Age warp weighted loom on the Icelandic pattern. Segment shows working raw birch logs with an axe to prepare them for fitting. (April 2010)

Viking Age Glass Bead Making 2

Members of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company undertake an experiment with a charcoal fired glass bead furnace, based on the archaeology of Viking Age Ribe, Denmark. The furnace was built by Neil Peterson, and one method of working with glass tesseri (tiles) is demonstrated. (July 2009)

Viking Age Glass Bead Making 1

A Viking Age glass bead making furnace demonstrated by members of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company. Neil Peterson shows one possible method, using an experimental furnace based on the evidence from Ribe, Denmark c. 800's. (July 2009)

Cutting an Iron Bloom

Hot cutting an iron bloom, here one created from a full scale test smelt based on the archaeology of L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC (Vinland). (June 2009)

Forging a Norse Cauldron Hanger

EXCERPT from 'Forging the Viking Age' here discussing elements of Norse Cauldron hangers. (November 2008 / original 1996)

Forging a Norse Broad Axe

Illustrates some of the forging steps undertaken to reproduce the large Norse broad axe seen in the Bayeux Tapestry. (July 2008)

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