Tradition and Innovation
Virtual Walk Through - Three

'Star' (BW5) - Brigitte Wolf
'Unfinished Stories' (JW4) - Jane Wild
'Transom in Blue and Green' (BW8) - Brigitte Wolf
'Bearded Men' (BW3) - Brigitte Wolf
'Composition in Green' (BW14) - Brigitte Wolf

'Giant's Brooch Pin' (KG5) - Kelly Green
'Jospeh's Coat' (BW4) - Brigitte Wolf
'Northern Lights Scarf' (ND3) - Nancy Davies

'Circles' (DM2) - Darrell Markewitz
'Golden Egg' (DM8) - Darrell Markewitz
'Intrepid' (KG3) - Kelly Green
'Guardian Spirit' (KG2) - Kelly Green

'Bayeux Spy' (CC22) - Catherine Crowe
'Bayeux Tree' (CC23) - Catherine Crowe
'Bayeux Tapestry III - the Shield ' (BW10) - Brigitte Wolf
'Jazz Variations II' (BW11) - Brigitte Wolf
'Jaz Variations VII' (BW12) - Brigitte Wolf
'Sheild of the Celtic Bard' (KG1) - Kelly Green
'Backgammon Board III' (KG7) - Kelly Green
'Tendrilled Growth' (KG9) - Kelly Green
'Pendragon's Table' (KG8) - Kelly Green

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All text and photographs © the individual artists.
'Virtual Tour' photographs © 2003 Darrell Markewitz, the Wareham Forge.