Instructional Programs

The Fine Print - DVD and DATA Programs from the Wareham Forge

The programs produced as CD-ROM and DVD-DATA are fully compatible with both Macintosh and PC/Windows computer operating systems, and will open inside what ever internet browser software you have installed. These have been tested not only on PC and Mac, but also on a number of different operating systems. As well on each computer used, several differenent web browser softwares were tested. This includes Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and Safari.

The following applies to the DVD-VIDEO disks ONLY.

1) These programs were originally shot on BETA or VHS video in the 1990s. It was only a decade later that they were transposed to DVD format. At the end of 2011, an additional edit was made for chaper titles and computer use. For that reason both the sound and visuals were not recorded to the standards available with current digital cameras. The stress has been placed on INFORMATION content, rather than merely on slick production values. Do not expect these programs to look like Hollywood HD or Digital movies!
Almost all video cameras suffer problems when recording HOT surfaces. Use of infra-red focussing systems often causes blurred action sequences specifically. This could be avoided by useing large scale framing, but then the value of the sequences would be minimal. Intentially each demonstration sequence is framed close in, so the work of the hammer is as clear as possible.

2) The sound on all these programs has been recorded direct through the camera as ambient sound. This method was chosen specifically. It is conscidered critical that the sound of the hammer striking the metal be recored accurately. There are no overdubs or musical sound tracks. Sound is often 'mushy', due to the intended use of ambient sound in the workshop. In some cases, this means that the sounds of a working shop (fans and blowers) will also intrude on the sound quality.

A special note to those ordering this disk:
The sound on this recording is 'mushy', having a background hiss caused by the recording equipment and the shop noises. The easiest way to solve this on your home entertainment equipment is to simply turn down the bass control, and the volume up on your sound system.

3) Starting on February 1, 2011, a new upgraded edit of these programs is available.
Each disk was produced on a Dell OptiPlex GX 270 / Windows XP computer with DVD RW. All are proven to work on this equipment.
The new R-2011 versions include the use of 'chapter' menus and formating for use on computer hardware DVD drives. The editiing was done using NeroVision 3.1. Those using the disks inside computer DVD drives are still cautioned that these still may operate at the whim of the many different software programs available. No specific support is provided for computer use, customers are advised to consult the manuals that came with their individual software if there are difficulties playing the disks. Usually some alternative method chosen from your 'FILE" menu will resolve the issue. No specific refund is available if the disk does not work inside your individual choice of computer operation system and softwares.

4) The contents are formated to what I hope is an 'international' standard. Note however that the DVDs are burned on NORTH AMERICAN hardware. This generally is not a problem with newer version stand alone players, as these almost all will play any region format. Those outside North America must ensure that their own equipments are compatabe.

5)The DVD programs from the Wareham Forge were originally intended for use in stand alone table top to TV set DVD players.
Recently, there have been some problems experienced by owners of brand new, state of the art, stand alone DVD players, especially any HD machine. The government of the United States of America, working on demands by the North American Recording Industry, has imposed restrictions on the ability of individuals to make multiple copies of DVD programs. This has been done by hiding a destructive code sequence on to blank DVD disks. This keeps mutiliple copies of a single program from functioning correctly. To date (late 2009 - 2010) only 'Introducton to Blacksmithing' appears to be effected by this problem.
Although the Wareham Forge DOES test each disk, there is obviously way to avoid US Government imposed defects on blank disks. For that reason, any customer purchasing a disk in good faith will simply have their money refunded on the purchase on any disk purchased from the Wareham Forge which does not play correctly on a stand alone DVD player.

On Shipping:

Normal practice is to try to get orders to the Post Office within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of receiving your payment.:
For AMERICAN customers:
Normally small packages will easily cross the international boarder. The service provided by Canada Post through US Postal states "6 - 9 BUSINESS days" to deliver your order.
Any package crossing into the USA is subject to random search by USA HOMELAND SECURITY. There is also a possibility of inspection by US CUSTOMS. If EITHER of these government agencies decides to hold a package, typically EACH can add 5 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS to the time of a shipment.
For OVERSEAS customers:
Normal practice is to ship the disks via 'small packet' air mail service/ (hense the extra cost). Normal delivery to Europe is about 10 days, to Australia is about 2 weeks.
So I ask all customers outside of Canada to wait at least 3 FULL WEEKS FROM THE SHIPPING DATE before you inquire if an order is 'lost'
Good news is that most North American orders arrive in about a week...

Text ©, Darrell Markewitz