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by David Robertson


(Note: David is an old friend and experienced blacksmith with an engineering background. Although I personally prefer a traditional coal forge to the more modern gas type, there are many situations where clean burning propane is the better option.)

" This dvd shows the construction
of a simple atmospheric blacksmith pipe forge
that can be built with a few tools
such as drill press and welder. This
is an excellent starter forge and the
dvd provides information for scaling
up for larger forges when you need

"Complete information on chamber
constuction, burner construction,
orifice construction, insulation,
coating, tuning the burner and initial
firing. The video includes parts list
and suppliers that will ship. The dvd
also describes how to alter the plans to
create a different style of forge or a
multi-burner forge."

" 2 hours and 16 minutes long and packed
with information. I have been using a
modified version of this forge in my shop
for 10 years now."

"This video contains all the information
to make a propane gas fired forge.
Use at your own risk!"

Gas Forge Construction DVD
by David Robertson

DVD format
Duration: 136 minutes

plus shipping and handling of $10.00 for total of
$35.00 CND

Just Released!
Gas Forge Construction Manual
This 83 page ebook covers construction of the above Atmospheric pipe forge and a Bonus square box Blower Forge. This blacksmith forge is more versatile than pipe forge but is more difficult to build.

There are over 90 detailed pictures showing every step of the process of construction of these gas forges. The book is in PDF format so you can easily print off pages to use in your shop.

  • With the ebook format you get an instant download.
  • You can print out the pages you require.
  • No shipping Charges
  • Bonus Detail Plans for the Blower Forge
  • Sources For the Hard To Find Parts

Price $25.00 US.

You will be making your purchase directly from David Roberson at Hammer and Tongs Studio

Propane Gas Forge dvd plans.
Build your own propane gas forge dvd plans.

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