ABSTRACT : Forging the Viking Age, an introduction level training course for those interested in the Norse. Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz offers a regular series of weekend long programs in a number of aspects of traditional Blacksmithing. Special courses include : layered steels (pattern welding), bladesmithing / knife making, bronze casting, iron smelting. Programs held at the Wareham Forge in Ontario Canada, with remote teaching offered at other facilities.

Learn the Art of the Smith

 Forging the Viking Age

Potentially this program will be offered in 2021
Expect a Mid Summer to Early Fall date

This intensive, hands on, 18 hour session will introduce the student to both basic blacksmithing skills - but specifically the equipment and objects of the Viking Age.
A lecture portion will look at the artifacts of the Viking Age, the possibilities of equipment and discuss the materials available historically. Two full days of practical work follow. Day one will employ modern forges and anvils, and introduce you to the basic methods of the blacksmith (heats, hammer use, safety). The second day work shifts to Norse charcoal forges and bellows combination, working with replica tools. Through both days, the objects made will be replicas of simple cookware and tools. This program ideal for the serious re-enactor or student of history.

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Forging the Viking Age - Rough Outline:

The session includes 18 hours instruction.

Friday Evening : 8 - 10 pm
Iron Artifacts of the Viking Age - Illustrated lecture

Saturday : 9 am - 5 pm
Basic Blacksmithing - the forge, tools, safety, hammer method
Practical - S Hook, Chain Trammel, Tongs

VA cook tools
Sunday : 9 am - 5 pm
Norse Forge - equipment, bellows method
Practical - Dish Cooking Iron, Arrowhead, Sea Chest Hinges
VA tools

Fees: Basic cost - $450* (plus 13% HST)

The fees include all materials used for the basic projects and a handout CD.  Basic safety gear (glasses, aprons and ear plugs) will be provided. It is suggested students bring lunches and snacks with them. Note that only TWO students will be accepted for each session. Students will be required to pay for any metal used for extra projects outside of the outline.

This course does NOT require any previous metalworking experience.

Programs are open to any physically able people, from young adults onwards. (Aged 16 an up - see a special note : Teens as Students). Any students with "learning \ physical disabilities" need to refer to the detail section on Course Requirements. English is the language of instruction. Sorry - the Wareham Forge is not really wheel chair accessible.

* Discount when two or more students book together!

Your instructor is professional blacksmith Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge. He has been both a blacksmith, and a re-enactor of the Viking Age, since the late 1970's. He designed, built and implemented the 'Norse Encampment' living history program for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC, and the stand alone exhibit 'World of the Norse'. He also worked on the Smithsonian's 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga' and the Canadian ' First Circle - First Contact' exhibits. He is recognized internationally for his knowledge and experience related to iron working of the Viking Age.

Facilities: the Wareham Forge

The shop combines traditional and modern equipment, with the main forge coal fired (for forge welding) and two gas forges for general forging steps. There will be one anvil per student, all basic tools will be provided. Equipment includes an air hammer and hydraulic press, MIG welders, the related grinding and polishing machinery, as well as a fully equipped fine metals studio.

The Wareham Forge is located in Grey County (Central Ontario), about half way between Orangeville and Owen Sound. We are about 5 miles SE of the village of Flesherton, just off highway 10, (about 2 hours drive NW of Toronto).

For detailed outlines and applications contact:

the Wareham Forge

Darrell Markewitz
RR # 2, Proton Station, Ont. N0C 1L0
phone/fax 519-923-9219


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