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Getting to the Wareham Forge

The Wareham Forge is located about half way between the small towns of DUNDALK (to the south) and FLESHERTON (to the north). This places it half way between the larger cities of ORANGEVILLE (to the south) and OWEN SOUND (to the north). Driving time from TORONTO (going NW) is about 2 1/2 hours, from KITCHENER (going NE) is about 2 1/4 hours. It is about 45 minutes from ORANGEVILLE (going north).

Note that the Wareham Forge is a working facility, and there is no 'gift shop'.
Most objects are created as direct commissions, there is little completed work kept on hand.
'Shop Visits' without previous appointments are NOT encouraged. The forge may not be fired on any given day, and the shop is dirty and often chaotic. It is not layed out in a manner that suits (or is even safe for) casual observers.
Last revision March 2017

Regional Map
Detail County Map
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The directions on the maps above should get you to the shop.

Make your best route to HIGHWAY 10 - DUNDALK (NORTH out of SHELBURNE). There is a set of lights at the Dundalk turn off, corner of Highway 10 and County Road 9.

Note for anyone wanting supplies : There is an LCBO on the west side of Highway 10, just south of these lights. If you want food, turn into Dundalk, then travel about four short blocks. There is a supermarket to the north (off Main Street).

The following directions refer to landmarks on the Detail County Map above:

All points SOUTH or WEST (shown in orange)

At the Dundalk lights, TURN RIGHT (east) on to COUNTY ROAD 9
Travel about 4 km, to the SECOND intersection.
TURN LEFT (north) on to County Road 2 - sign points to Maxwell.
Saftey note : in about 2 1/2 km you will come to an 'S' bend in the road. The first (southern) corner is marked at 50 kph. They mean it! (Especially in the winter.)
Past the 'S' bend, continue roughly another 4 km. You will see a wind turbine to your right side. The next intersection (about 500 m) is CENTRE LINE. TURN LEFT (east)
After about 2 km, you will come to a cluster of houses. There is a small hill down, across a concrete bridge, to the intersection with Sideroad 41.

Suggested WINTER ROUTE - (shown in pink)
Travel along Highway 10 , NORTH (from the Dundalk lights) about another 8 KILOMETERS.
The corner to CENTRE LINE is actually signposted as 'Grey 190', and marked by a small block building (former variety store) that is to the SOUTH WEST corner. (your left).TURN RIGHT (east) on to Centre Line.
You will be on a hard top road. About one 1 kilometre along, the road will CURVE TO THE NORTH (your left). GO COMPLETELY AROUND THE CURVE. There is a dirt road just at the start of the curve ** do NOT take this **.
About 200 YARDS PAST the curve, you will come to a T intersection, with a dirt road to the east. This is again CENTRE LINE. TURN RIGHT on to this road.
WAREHAM is located at the NEXT CROSSROAD INTERSECTION, about 1 1/2 kilometres.

The shop is located in the 'collection of houses with an attitude' that makes the cross road of the Hamlet of Wareham. The intersection is Centre Line A (west to east) and Road 41 A (north to south). The shop is the low grey shed like building located on the NORTH WEST corner.

Civic Address - 307377 CENTRE LINE
It is advised you do NOT depend on your GPS
Many of these units place the address over a kilometer distant (in the centre of the 'rural block').

View East approaching Wareham
Shop Front from Centre Line
Shop looking West, as you cross the bridge.

There is limited 'nose in' parking to the East hand side of the shop driveway entrance. For larger gatherings, parking will be on the roads. It is suggested that you park North along Road 41 - there is a lot of high speed traffic on Centre Line!

STUDENTS : GO ON for details on area lodgings

Before you consider coming here in the winter - take a look at THIS!

For any questions or directions:

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