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The Wareham Forge

Original Art Designs
for your

Let your imagination loose! More and more, people are retreating to the private world that they can create in their own gardens. It is here that the endless possibilities of hand forged steel can find their best expression. No restrictive building codes here - your taste and sense of design is the only limit.

The flowing 'Rivendale' style, distinctive to the Wareham Forge, is an ideal match for the natural forms of your garden. Find echoes of leaves and flowers in steel, copper and brass. As playful as these designs are, they still present a durability that is not measured in mere years - but in centuries! Every object created is an orginal art metalwork.


Lily Gate
Buffet Gate
Grass Gate

GATES - Why should the entry to your private world be a mere barrior, when it can be statement of your style? Forged garden gates still retain their unmatched strenght despite their beauty, should security be a concern.

To see these garden GATES - go HERE


Copper Fantasy
Beaches Goderich
Jack Pulpit

FOUNTAINS - combining the beauty of forged steel, the playfull dance of water, and its soothing sounds! I have been focussing on medium sized, self contained fountains over the last while. Enough so that I have grouped this work on to its own sheet....

To see my work with FOUNTAINS - go HERE


Autumn Grass
Sun DIsk
Lilly Arbour

ARBOURS / LAMPS / SCULPTURES - why not set off your garden space with a one of a kind art metalwork? All combine the strength and durability of steel with the endless possibilities of hand forging. From the practical to the whimsical, your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities!

To see my garden FEATURES - go HERE

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Patron Sought

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