Grave Goods

Submission by Returning Artists

A special invitation is extended to those artisans who participated in the two earlier exhibits (Reflections of the Conquest / Out of the Fiery Furnace ).

Special Submission Details:

The situation for Returning Artists is different than those being sought under the general Call for Entry. Your work is 'known to the Curator' - and certainly has proven its past quality. There are new members on the selection jury who may not be familiar with your past work however. Those who contributed objects to the earlier exhibits may allow the images contained in the web based 'virtual tour' of either exhibit to stand in place of submitted images.

IF you think that earlier work - (or more likely those images!) does not correctly illustrate your past work - please feel free to send new / better / more current images of your objects. For this new material, please follow the same guide lines published under general submissions

I do need each of you to send me at least completed copy of the application form
This information can be sent back as e-mail or as an attachment.
This allows me to have some record of who is intending to contribute work for Grave Goods. In turn it will allow me to develop some idea of the types of objects and their sizes so I can roughly block out the exhibit.

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