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The 'Norse Encampment' is the collective name given to a series of living history programs, which illustrate daily life in the Viking Age. Historic interpreters, employing replica objects, bring the past to life through typical activities of the Norse, and portraying historic styled characters. Throughout the series exceptional care was taken to ensure everything involved in a presentation was reflective of current archaeological research. One cornerstone of all the presentations was reference to the Vinland voyages by the Norse, circa 1000 AD.

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Experimental Iron Smelting

There are a growing number of short videos available which document primarily two aspects of the ongoing work related to the Norse Encampment program:
The series listed here are segments documenting individual experimental iron smelting experiments undertaken by Darrell Markewitz and other members of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company.

Both these and other videos are published on this YouTube Channel.
Onless otherwise noted, the experimental team is made up of members of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company.
Most recent contributions to the top.

'Econo Norse' Iron Bloomery Furnace
Firebrick construction BLOOMERY FURNACE used to smelt iron by a team lead by Neil Person and Richard Schwitzer of DARC on November 6, 2010. A total of 24 kg haematite grit is converted to a 8.5 kg high carbon bloom. (November 2010)

Vinland 3

Re-Creating the iron smelt by the Norse in Vinland, circa 1000 AD. Members of DARC undertake their third smelt in this specific series on November 7, 2009. The result was a 2.9 kg bloom produced from 18 kg of bog iron ore analog. This smelt used all human powered air, supplied via a Norse style double bag bellows (November 2009)

Vinland 2

Second in the experiments working towards a full re-creation of the iron smelt that took place in Vinland by the Norse during the Viking Age. This test employs a mechanical pump bellows to simulate hand powered air delivery. The test took place on October 11, 2009. (October 2009)

Vinland Iron Smelt

Based on the archaeology of L'Anse aux Meadows, the Vinland of the Sagas,an experiment on May 30, 2009. This iron smelt uses an analog for the bog ore used in 1000 AD by the Norse and results in the production of a 4 kg iron bloom! (June 2009)

Cutting an Iron Bloom

Hot cutting an iron bloom, here one created from a full scale test smelt based on the archaeology of L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC (Vinland). (June 2009)

'Belllows Plate' Iron Smelt

Icelandic Experiment 4. Undertaken by DARC with Ken Cook as smelt master on Nov 11, 2008. Layout of furnace based on excavations at Hals. Bellows plate with blow tube air system. (December 2008)

Stone Plate with Blow Hole Tuyere

Viking Age stone slab with blow hole construction. Darrell Markewitz describes the smelt in progress, October 7, 2007 - Icelandic Two. (December 2008)

Icelandic Pattern Smelt

First in a series based on the Viking Age iron production site at Hals in Iceland, undertaken October 8, 2007. (October 2008)

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