ABSTRACT : Experience Daily Life in the Viking Age!
Living History specialist / Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz offers a regular series of weekend long programs in a number of aspects of traditional Blacksmithing. Special courses include : layered steels (pattern welding), bladesmithing / knife making, bronze casting, iron smelting. Programs held at the Wareham Forge in Ontario Canada, with remote teaching offered at other facilities.
Learn the Art of the

Experience the Viking Age

Potentially this program will be offered in 2021
Expect a Summer date

Saturday (overnight) & Sunday

(Requires at least 2 students bookings due to materials costs)

You have seen it on the television shows and movies - but what was it ACTUALLY like to live in the Viking Age?

Experiencing the Viking Age is an immersive hands on program, running two full days plus camping overnight. After a background look at the archaeology of the Norse, students will change into period clothes, then set up camp, using replica tents, beds and other gear. Food preparation for the meals will be undertaken over an open fire - again with historic types and tools. There will be a chance to try some crafts skills, and make some small objects, yours to keep.

This program is open to any physically able people, from young adults onwards. (Children accompanied by a parent, aged 8 and up.)


Saturday, the program starts with a background lecture covering the historical Viking Age.
- Next all change into Norse period clothing (tunics over jeans).
- All will pitch in to get our gear out and set up camp (using several 'A' frame tents and tarp and pole overheads.
- At mid day, there will be a simple meal of 'travel food' (cold items).
- Learn about pewter casting in soapstone moulds, including making their own pendants (to keep).
- Once camp is set, a fire will be started, and tasks related to cooking the evening meal will be undertaken (simple soup / stew)

Saturday Night :
- Dinner - since you cooked it, now to eat it!
- Combat of the Vikings, a look at weapons and armour.
- The later evening will be spent around the fire, learning and playing Nnefatafal, telling some tales of Gods, Heroes and Travels. (There may be a bit of mead tasting?)
- Overnight will be sleeping in the tents, under wool cloaks and sheep skins.

weapons tent
Sunday :
- Break your Fast cooking flat cakes over the fire.
- The main morning activity will be learning, then making, glass beads over a replica charcoal furnace.
- Lunch again simple travel foods (plus any left over stew?)
- An examination of Norse metalworking : tools for wood working, iron smelting, blacksmithing, bronze casting.
- Finish up by de-constructing camp.



Your instructor, Darrell Markewitz, is well known as a specialist in the Viking Age - a life time of research and practice.
He consulted on the Smithsonian's 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga' and the Newfoundland Museum's 'Full Circle - First Contact'. He designed and produced the exhibit 'World of the Norse' for the Cranbrook Institute of Science and the 'Norse Encampment' living history program for Parks Canada. He has a long association with L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC since the 1990's. He was instrumental in the formation of the Dark Ages Re-creation Company.  He continues to research and experiment into specifically 'Pre-Medieval' bloomery iron smelting methods. As well as providing academic papers, he has worked on projects in Canada, the USA, the UK and Europe.

A number of video segments illustrating working with Norse tools / objects can be found on Darrell's YouTube channel

Fees: 'Experience the Viking Age' - $450 + HST
Includes : Saturday lunch & dinner
Sunday breakfast & lunch
Craft items as made
Copy of 'Exploring the Viking Age in Demark'

This program does not require any previous outdoors experience

This program goes on RAIN OR SHINE.

- Any students with "learning \ physical disabilities" need to refer to the detail section on Course Requirements. English is the language of instruction. Sorry - this is an outdoor program, and not really wheel chair accessible.
- Note that food provided in this program relies heavily on grains, meat / fish. There are no vegitarian or 'special diet' alternatives provided.
- Toilet facilities for this program are via a pit 'outhouse'.
- Note that modern safety equipment will be used for craft work sessions.

This program limited to TWO students only (inquire about group discounts)


COVID-19 Policy

Remember: to guarantee a place, ensure your application & deposit will be received at least 30 days before the course date you desire.
A cancellation may result in the loss of your deposit.

On receiving your deposit, a set of instructions detailing how to get to the Wareham Forge will be sent. (For planning, Wareham is near Flesherton, Ontario - about 45 minutes drive north of Orangeville.)

the Wareham Forge

The Hamlet of Wareham, R.R. #2 Proton Station, Ontario

(519) 923-9219 // E-mail

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Darrell has both developed programming, and mounted many presentations over the decades
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