A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

Exhibit Guest Curator : Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge

This is the third in a series of exhibits of contemporary works with historical themes mounted for the Woodstock Museum :

Reflections of the Conquest (2002) & Out of the Fiery Furnace (2005)

Special Exhibit Host : An Droichead / the Bridge

466 Dundas St - Woodstock ON - N4S 1C4

Call for Entry
Third revision - November 15, 2007

WHAT - Grave Goods is an exhibit of the work of contemporary artisans, And is open to objects created in all media types. Each artist may submit up to three individual objects.

WHERE - To take place at the Woodstock Museum, within the second floor Grand Hall.

WHEN - Fall of 2008 (September 5 - November 1)
- 'Meet the Artist' Opening will be Friday, September 5 (for Sponsors and Patrons)
- 'Masque Gala' will be Saturday, November 1 (a special evening for All!)

WHO - The Exhibit is open to all Ontario Artisans. Those artists who submitted in past exhibits (Reflections of the Conquest / Out of the Fiery Furnace) are also specially invited to participate.

WHY - To invoke the creative spirit within artists and address the important theme of burial customs. and to engage the public through these works.

GOAL - To profile a minimum of 75 artisans, with over 150 objects on display
- A secondary goal is to inform those involved in Funeral Homes and related services in the types of objects available from the hands of Ontario Artisans.


Grave Goods will be open to objects that:

1) Are original art works (including limited edition prints by the artist)
2) Are created by the contributing artisan.
3) Are recent works - finished after January 1, 2007.
4) Objects must remain in place, and be active, for the entire progress of the exhibit (ie - no 'performance art').
5) Must be of a scale and type that allows for display at this specific interior gallery space. Any required mounts must be supplied with the work.

Exhibit Space:

The exhibit will be installed on the second floor Grand Ballroom at the Woodstock Museum. The Grand Ballroom has been restored, and is a large open space with high ceiling and large windows creating good natural daylight. Access to the space is via a small passenger elevator, or by hand carry up the stairs. The historic nature of the hall creates some special problems in displaying work, especially pieces which must be wall hung. For more details on the presentation space - go HERE


Grave Goods is open to all Ontario artisans.
• The exhibit will be juried, with individuals selected for entry based on past work. Entrants must submit FIVE images representing past work.
• Images can be submitted as slides, prints or digital format (on CD). (In some cases direct invitations to participate will be sent to artists well known to the Jury team.) Those wishing to have their images returned should include a self addressed envelope with suitable postage in place.
• Selected Participants will be encouraged to create new works specifically for the Exhibit.
• The Curator reserves the option of refusal for any piece that, upon delivery, is deemed to be unsuitable for the Exhibit.

A special 'Emerging Artist' program is under consideration. The hope is to work with local high school teachers to encourage students to directly participate in developing work that fits the theme of this exhibit, with the best work to be accepted and mounted alongside the other contributing artisans.

For further details on formats and application - go to SUBMISSION

The Jury :

Darrell Markewitz - Darrell has worked on a number of major museum exhibits, including the design and construction of 'the Norse Encampment' for Parks Canada and 'the World of the Norse' for the Cranbrook Institute of Science. He has worked with the Woodstock Museum on a number of installations and exhibits over the last 10 years, including 'Full Circle, First Contact'. This will be the third gallery style exhibit he has guest curated for the Woodstock Museum. As an artisan, he has been working with forged metals since the late 1970's.

Karen Houston - Karen grew up on a farm in Grey County, Ontario with a love of hiking the Bruce Trail and local history. She graduated with a BA in History from the University of Waterloo and later went on to get a certificate in Museum Management. She has worked at a number of living history sites and museums and for the last four years has been the Curator at the Woodstock Museum National Historic Site. Karen sat on the jury for Out of the Fiery Furnace and her historical knowledge will aid her is jurying the exhibit.

Kerrie Gill - Kerrie is an Ingersoll Ontario native who attended the Art and Art History joint program of the University of Toronto and Sheridan College.
Her specialty of historic and contemporary photography and printmaking has been broadened by an interest in contemporary Canadian painting while working at the Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery. She has juried shows with the Fine Arts Student Association and assisted in the judging for over a decade with the Upper Canada Woodworking Championship in Woodstock. As past Curator of the Norwich and District Museum, arts educator, and a practicing artist, she brings a varied artistic background to the jury of Grave Goods.

An Droichead / the Bridge - Formed in 1996, the Bridge is a group of contemporary artisans specifically interested in, and inspired by, ancient Celtic art. Individual members may participate in the jury process : Catherine Crowe (enamels), Brenda Roy (silversmith), Laura Travis (stone carvings) & Brigitte Wolf (stained glass). "Serious researchers and practitioners, they are practiced lecturers in museum, academic and cultural settings, experienced teachers and demonstrators, consultants for historic re-creations, film and television, and exhibiting artists." An Droichead was guest host for an earlier exhibit at the Woodstock Museum (Reflections of the Conquest).

(New Jury Members will be detailed as they are recruited)

Draft Time Table:

September 2007 - publish open calls for submission

November 2007 - first jury selection
(ongoing on a regular basis as required)

June 1, 2008 - deadline for applications to enter

June 15, 2007 - final Jury selections notified

July 1, 2008 - deadline for submitting artist / work documentation
- start work on catalogue and exhibit signage

Sept 1 - 4 - all submitted work to arrive at Woodstock Museum
- installation of Exhibit

September 5 (Friday 7-9 PM) - Evening Opening (Artist's / Patron's Reception )

September 6 (Saturday) - Public Opening

November 1 - Special 'Masque Gala' evening event(details to follow)
- Exhibit closes

November 3 - 4 - Exhibit dismantled, work available for pick up

November 15 - deadline for finalizing accounts from sales

Special Events:

A number of special events are being considered to provide both community outreach and generate extra interest in the Exhibit.

Exhibit Preview - On Friday September 5, there will be a special evening preview event, which contributing artists are encouraged to attend. This invitational reception will be open to exhibit sponsors, museum members, media and selected guests. The intent is to also invite representative funeral industry professionals to view the exhibit and meet the artists.

Gala Closing - In a break with the normal sequence, there will be a special gala evening at the close of the exhibit. Plans are to stage this social event for the artists and their friends as a Masque - in keeping with Halloween! More details to come as this night's entertainment is organized.

Demonstrations - The open square next the Museum may prove an ideal area to mount physical demonstrations of techniques that involve more portable equipment. Contributing artisans are invited to submit proposals.

Workshops - Due to the possible wide range of the mediums within the exhibit it may prove possible to provide hands on workshops. If a submitting artisan feels they can provide a workshop at the Museum, they should discuss the possibilities with the Exhibit Curator. (It is expected that there would be a fee to the general public to participate, returned to the artist.)

Lectures - Ideally a series of lectures related to the exhibit should be undertaken. These may consist of either contemporary or historical background, or feature overviews of specific artists or media. Again - proposals are sought.

Walking Tour An afternoon walking tour of a local Woodstock cemetery by a knowledgeable member of the Museum or local Historical Board is an ideal public event. Ideally this would feature the types of work seen in the Exhibit.

Web Site - A 'virtual tour' of the exhibit will be created. This would involve the content of the Exhibit catalogue, illustrated by general photographs of the exhibit. Direct links to web sites of contributing artisans would be featured. Special provision is being made to create good quality digital images of contributed works.


Objects contributed to the Exhibit may be offered for sale:
- The Woodstock museum will retain 15% of purchase price.
- Clear instructions must be provided of artist sales tax requirements.
- All objects sold must remain in place until the close of the Exhibit.
- Customers must pick up objects from the Museum over Nov 3 - 8. If larger pieces require delivery or installation, these provisions must be arranged by the artist.


Objects contributed to Grave Goods will be considered 'temporary loans' to the Woodstock Museum. For this reason all submissions must include a value for insurance (even if not offered for sale). Note that this coverage is only in place while the objects are in the possession of the Woodstock Museum. It remains the responsibility of the contributing artist to arrange for the required transport of the item both to and from the Museum.

Cremation Urns - A special sub-text to the Exhibit:

One suggestion for contributing artists - consider making some form of cremation urn one of your submitted objects. In Canada today, over 45 % of burials are cremations. There is thus a large interest in unique 'containers' for ashes. For more information on cremation urns - go HERE.

All Text © Darrell Markewitz (unless otherwise attributed) Selected images taken from the linked web sites.