A Juried Exhibit of Contemporary Artisans
Woodstock Museum - Woodstock Ontario
September 5 to November 1 - 2008

Grave Goods

In Ancient times, providing for the needs of the dead into the after life often exhibited the best work of artist and craftsman. Much of what we know about these lost cultures comes from clues found in graves. Into the early years of Canada's history, people continued their own distinctive and often elaborate traditions around burials and mourning. How future ages may view our current era is sure to be coloured partially by what objects we use to mark our own passing.

Artists Reconstruction of an Anglo Saxon burial from England
Illustration by Faith Vardy,
the Museum of London Archaeology Service

Be it whimsical or serious, conceptual or traditional - GRAVE GOODS seeks to explore how the current generation of artisans view all aspects of burial customs. Original objects in all mediums created after September 1, 2007 are eligible for entry. Artists are being juried based on past works to encourage the creation of new pieces specifically for this exhibit. Grave Goods further explores the themes set out in the Woodstock Museum's special program for 2008 - 'Funeral Rites'.

'The King in His Tomb' - Steve Strang

Featuring the work of:

Caz Bently - wood block prints
Daniel Bernyk - metal scuplture
Pat Burns-Wendland - hand spun weaving
Scott Caple - illustrations
Larry Cluchey - wood turning
Catherine Crowe - enamels
Dark Ages Re-creation Company
Sandra Dunn & Steve White - metalsmithing
Dianne Edwards - marquetry
Kelly Green - wood carving
Allison Hamilton - painting
Lydia Ilarion - fine metalwork
David Ivens - metalwork
Lloyd Johnson - forged metals
Mary Lazier - ceramics
Elsa Mann - ceramics
Darrell Markewitz - forged metals
Rosemary Molesworth - ceramics
Kelly Probyn-Smith - metalwork
Mark Puigmarti - forged metals
David Robertson - forged metals
Brenda Roy - fine metalwork
Rob Schweitzer - tablet weaving
Graeme Sheffield - forged metals
A.G. Smith - illustration
Steve Strang - painting & drawing
Ruth Swanson - ceramics
Kathryn Thomson - blown glass
Mark Tichenor - ceramics
Laura Travis - stone carving
Catherine VamVakas Lay - blown glass
Sara Washbush - metalwork
Brigitte Wolf - stained glass

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Black & White Masque -
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Saturday, November 1, 8 - 12 PM
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Exhibit Guest Curator : Darrell Markewitz

This is the third in a series of exhibits of contemporary works with historical themes
mounted for the Woodstock Museum :

Reflections of the Conquest (2002) & Out of the Fiery Furnace (2005)

Special Exhibit Host : An Droichead / the Bridge

Meet the ARTISTS

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Grave Goods - Growth of an idea

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