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Reproductions and Replicas

Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge has built a reputation for his museum grade reproductions and replicas of artifacts from the Viking Age.

The Wareham Forge offers a limited number of detailed replicas of specific Viking Age artifacts for the re-enactor (or Living History Museum).

All prices are in CANADIAN dollars. They do not include shipping costs, or 13% HST for all Canadian destinations.

Images of original artifact prototypes are shown first, the second are the replicas (click for larger view). The artifact images are taken from the publications indicated, the images have been modified to black and white and reduced in size. Sizes of both originals and replicas are indicated, along with some notes concerning each object. The checked cloth seen as a background for many of the reproductions has 1 cm squares (roughly 3/8").


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Ring Pin
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Iron Brooch
Iron Brooch
4.5 cm diameter
Staraja Lodoga, St Petersburg Russia / 8th Century
Viking to Crusader / Rosedahl & Wilson
page 300 / number 275
Replica 'Iron' Brooch
(shown life size)

This is the classic Pennanular Brooch, an elegantly simple version in forged steel with folded terminals. It it is formed from 5 mm square stock and about 4.5 cm in diameter (3/16 x 1 3/4").
This type of brooch was popular with the Balts in the Viking Age, and is found from Sweden through to Russia. It is very strong, easily able to hold a full wool cloak - even when soaking wet.

Cost for IRON BROOCH - $25

Ring Pin
Ring Pin
top - Beinnes, Sognog og Fjordanur, Norway
bottom - Hala ir, Eyjafjor , Iceland / both 10th Century
Vikings North Atlantic Saga / Fitzhugh & Ward
page 172 / figure 11.12
Reproduction Ring Pin
(shown life size)
The bronze ring pin found at L'Anse aux Meadows.

This is a reproduction of the famous Ring Pin found at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada. It is cast in bronze (like the original). Total length is 10.5 cm, with thickness at the head of 5 mm (4 1/8 x 3/16"). Created in conjunction with David Roberston.
This type of Ring Headed Pin is most common in Norway through Norse Ireland and especially Iceland. It reached its peak of popularity about the turn of the first Millennium.

Cost for RING PIN - $50

Pewter Castings

These mounts and pendants combine a high degree of historical accuracy with a reasonable price. All these pieces are made of a modern lead free pewter (92% tin alloy). Each piece is individually cast in a hand carved soapstone mould, the same technique used by Norse metal smiths. Pewter, when new, is very close to sterling silver in appearance, and was widely used by the Norse 'middle class' because of this. The shiny 'fresh out of the mould' finish duplicates the way these pieces would have looked when they were originally made. Because of the total lack of lead in this modern alloy, the metal will not tarnish with age as the old pewter does. Those pieces mounted as pendants are strung on a leather lace, including six brightly coloured glass beads. The beads have been carefully chosen to resemble Viking Age types, and are hand made using similar methods.

All the replica castings are shown as life sized direct scans
castings & tools

Soapstone moulds, castings and equipment.
For a brief description of the process of Casting Pewter in Soapstone Molds go HERE

Dublin Serpent

A number of these coiled serpent pendants have been found throughout Norse England. They are thought to be good luck charms. In Yorkshire, it is common to find fossilized worms, which the Norse thought to be petrified snakes. Artifact samples are carved from jet, amber, and wood - as in the original from Dublin.
3.9 cm
Dublin, Ireland / 11th Century
Viking to Crusader / Rosedahl & Wilson
page 334 / number 408
Dublin Serpent Pendant


We have found a number of small figures of women. Modern perception has been to call any female figure bearing a horn a 'Valkyrie' - in keeping with one of the function of those mythical figures. Considering the social importance of mead, and the key role of women in hosting, that simple view should be considered dated.
about 3 cm
Birka, Sweden / 10th Century
Viking to Crusader / Rosedahl & Wilson
page 277 / number 186
Valkyrie Pendant

Ear Spoon

This is the most elaborately decorated of the samples of this type of object found from the Viking Age. Many of these small spoon shaped tools are found looped together with other grooming accessories.

(Note that this item comes mounted on a twisted wire loop bearing six glass seed beads - rather than on a thong.)
6.9 cm
Birka, Sweden
The Vikings / Graham-Capbell & Kidd
page 88 / number 180
'Ear Spoon' Mount
Cost for EAR SPOON MOUNT - $20

Original Designs

Thor's Hammer
The Hammer of Thor is the most enduring symbol of the Viking Age. Artifacts have been front in a wide range of materials and levels of workmanship - from simple carved wood to elaborate constructed goldsmithing. This version combines a number of design elements from period samples : the classic shape, coiled serpent on the head, line and dot ornament on the shaft, and the dragon head terminal.
Thor's Hammer Pendant


Strap Mounts
The strap mount was perhaps the single most common dress accessory of the Dark Ages. It served a practical purpose - to strengthen the end of tablet woven straps and bands. Artifact samples range from simple pieces of wood with scratched designs through to elaborate gold mounts with inset stone and glass (like the ones found at Sutton Hoo). Cast lead alloy mounts were common as well. These original designs are based on two of the more popular images from the Viking Age, The Wolf and the Eagle. Both are often associated with the god Odin.

(These items sold as simple mounts - no thong or beads.)
Eagle or Wolf - Strap Mounts
For a short article on Strap Mounts go HERE

Cost for STRAP MOUNT - $15 each

Over the years the Wareham Forge has created a number of individual objects, both within larger museum displays and as private commissions. Feel free to contact me with your requirements. Each project quoted individually.

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Artifact Photographs taken from indicated sources
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