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The 'Norse Encampment' is the collective name given to a series of living history programs, which illustrate daily life in the Viking Age. Historic interpreters, employing replica objects, bring the past to life through typical activities of the Norse, and portraying historic styled characters. Throughout the series exceptional care was taken to ensure everything involved in a presentation was reflective of current archaeological research. One cornerstone of all the presentations was reference to the Vinland voyages by the Norse, circa 1000 AD.

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the Wareham Forge
Related to the Viking Age

Artisan Blacksmith Darrell Markewitz is a specialist in the material culture of the Viking Age. The Wareham Forge was established in 1992, providing replicas and reproductions for museum exhibits, living history programs and re-enactors alike. The following are some of the products available, plus descriptions of some past custom projects:

Over the years, a wide range of historic objects have been created by the Wareham Forge. The objects shown in this gallery of past work mark a number of differing time periods, and include both forge work and sheet forming techniques.

The Wareham Forge primarily produces custom ordered replicas of a range of objects from the Viking Age from the Viking Age.
A wide range of historically accurate Viking Age cookware and tools were produced for the 2008 film OUTLANDER. This is a commentary on the work undertaken, and the process of coverting artifacts to working replicas.

The Wareham Forge produces a number of replicas of specific artifact cookware items. This includes several different pots and cauldrons in both steel, copper and brass

an 'Iron' Cauldron

Under Preparation

The Wareham Forge produces layered steel blades using both the 'Damascus' (flat stack) and 'Pattern Weld' (twisted cores) methods. Primarily undertaken as custom commissions, past work has included a wide range of styles and sizes - from replica Norse carving knives through to fantasy great swords.

Replicas of specific small artifacts. Forged steel broaches, cast bronze and pewter pendants, pins and strap ends. All made by the Wareham Forge, many using 1000 year old production methods!

Sea Chest Hinges, Ship Rivets, small Knives...

Replica solid sterling silver coins, struck by hand using coin dies reproducing those found in York, England circa 950 AD!
The page also provides some information on coins and coinage during the Viking Age.

The most popular game of the Viking Age was hnefatafl. It is a game with simple rules, but when it is combined with cunning minds, can become a battle of strategy!

A modern version of the Norse game from the Wareham Forge.
  A commentary describing the process of researching and designing Viking Game.
How were the rules developed? Details how individual source artifacts served as the starting point to develop the graphic design for this modern version of an ancient game.
This 2 1/2 hour program documents the creation of a number of the forged metal objects created for the 1997 'Viking Encampment' Program at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC for Parks Canada. It contains commentary on objects from the Viking Age, details on how the pieces were produced and forging sequences.
This disk contains over 400 large format images, each with notes. The publication also contains many commentaries on the individual museums and also travel around Denmark in general. The overall stress is on materials related to the Viking Age.
This disk is a collection of materials related to an ongoing experiments by the Dark Ages Re-creation Company concerned with Iron in the Viking Age. There are also a series of illustrated articles outlining the work and equipment of the Norse Blacksmith, plus others related metalworking and smelting. The collection contains over 2000 images, working drawings and plans.
The most popular game of the Viking Age was hnefatafl. It is a game with simple rules, but when it is combined with cunning minds, can become a battle of strategy!
A modern version of the Norse game from the Wareham Forge.


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