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Darrell Markewitz of the Wareham Forge has built a reputation for his museum grade reproductions and replicas of artifacts from the Viking Age.
Starting with his original work on the 'Norse Encampment' in 1992, he has produced a wide range of objects. Past assemblages have included some 175 objects for the Viking Encampment living history program for Parks Canada at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC. He produced replicas and reproductions for the educational kits and hands on programs accompanying the exhibits 'Vikings - North Atlantic Saga', and 'Full Circle- First Contact'. His most recent project was creation of 'the World of the Norse', which included three complete 'room settings' with hundreds of reproduction objects.

The Wareham Forge offers a limited number of detailed replicas of specific Viking Age artifacts for the re-enactor (or Living History Museum). These specific items have been selected for authenticity and utility, based on past experience presenting the Norse to the general public - and daily living.
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Dish Iron
Spiral Iron
Meat Fork
Hook Trammel
Chain Trammel
Iron Pot
Porridge Pot
Mastermyr Pot

Iron Brooch
Ring Pin
Pewter Castings

Ship Rivet
Box Hinges
Silver Pennies
Viking Game
Custom Orders
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All prices are in CANADIAN dollars. They do not include shipping costs, or HST for all Canadian destinations.
Note that there should be no entry duties into the USA on these 'made in Canada' products (under NAFTA), but any Customs duties or related fees are the responsibility of the customer. Details on the ordering process can be found HERE.

Images of original artifact prototypes are shown first, the second are the replicas (click for larger view). The artifact images are taken from the publications indicated, the images have been modified to black and white and reduced in size. Sizes of both originals and replicas are indicated, along with some notes concerning each object. The checked cloth seen as a background for many of the reproductions has 1 cm squares (roughly 3/8").

Because of the large size of the page that originally presented these items, there have been some modifications made to the structure.
To speed up your look through the various replicas and reproductions on offer, you will now find these broken down on separate pages by type :



This disk is a collection of materials related to an ongoing experiments by the Dark Ages Re-creation Company concerned with Iron in the Viking Age. It includes the primary documentation of a series of smelts using elements of the technology available in Scandinavia circa 1000 AD. There are also a series of illustrated articles outlining the work and equipment of the Norse Blacksmith, plus others related metalworking and smelting.The collection contains over 2000 images, most of them large scale (20 x 14). It also contains a number of working drawings and plans.

This CD-ROM has been created to operate CROSS PLATFORM. It is formatted to allow it to function on either MAC or IBM/PC computers. The content has been created as HTML - it is designed to operate inside your normal web browser (either NETSCAPE or EXPLORER).

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FORGING the Viking Age

This 2 1/2 hour DVD program documents the creation of a number of the forged metal objects created for the 1997 'Viking Encampment' Program at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC for Parks Canada. The program contains commentary on objects from the Viking Age, details on how the pieces were produced and forging sequences.

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Exploring the Viking Age in Denmark

ISBN 978-0-9783284

Of special interest to anyone interested in the the Viking Age, or is thinking of traveling to Denmark.

This DATA DVD disk contains over 400 large format images (most 1600 X 1200 dpi), each with notes. The publication also contains many commentaries on both the individual museums, but also travel around Denmark in general. The overall stress is on materials related to the Viking Age. Inside your computer, the contents are arranged like a giant self contained web site - some 1.7 gig of information all told! In a table top DVD player, you can view just the images in extra large size as a 'slide show'.

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Multi-Platform DATA DVD format
comes packaged in a jewel case

Custom Orders :

Oseberg tripod and cauldron
Reproductions, at Norse Encampment '94.
Smithing Tools
Based on Mastermyr, at L'Anse aux Meadows.
Viking Weapons
Shield /sword / spear/ Helmet, at L'Anse aux Meadows

CUSTOM ORDERS: The Wareham Forge specializes in reproducing artifacts from the Dark Ages, Norse, Saxon and Celtic. Past work has included tent frames, beds, boxes and domestic items of all kinds.

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The Wareham Forge:
The Hamlet of Wareham, R.R. #2 Proton Station, Ontario

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